Thurs, 12 July 18

Lower @ Healthy Baller

I screwed myself this week by not training on Monday morning.  I was exhausted at the start of training today and nothing felt good.  Under other circumstances I would have probably bagged today's programmed training and switched it up to a recovery day, but with World's a few weeks away and not having full control over my schedule, I decided that something was better than nothing tonight.

Forward Band Big Trap Bar DL (avg band, low handles)

10x60 - No band

2x5x150 - On the 2nd set I choked the band around the front of the trap bar and anchored it to the bottom of the rack in front of me, pulling the bar forward and down.





2x490 - Just awful, the band was really messing everything up since I was pulling on a trap bar instead of a barbell.

5x490 - Took off the band, still super unbalanced since I was using the low handles.

10x490 - Flipped the bar over and switched to high handles, still felt like doodoo.

Glute Ham Roller Hammie Curls/Incline Reverse Crunches


2x{10x monster mini band/20xBW}

Paused Bulgarian Split Squats/SS Yoke Bar Calf Raises

2x{10ea x BW/20x245}

Somehow this made my upper back and quads ridiculously sore.  The quads might also have to do with using the versa pulley at work today (just for a second, just to see how it feels), but I was really surprised to be sore about a day after this.  Even though I was definitely doing work, it was a lot less work than I had planned to be doing and I rarely get sore.