Mon, 11 June 18

Upper @ BSG

It never fails.  A week or 2 out from a competition, I seem to get stupid muscle tweaks or rip skin off my hands or some other minor stuff that adds up to make me feel like I'm completely unprepared to compete.  You'd think after 42 strongman competitions plus the occasional foray into other strength sports such as PL, HG, and highlander that I'd be used to this by now, but it never fails to cause me to worry first before I remember this is normal for me and I need to calm my tatas and trust in my programming and ability to train for a contest.  Today I generally felt like death and struggled with some weights that felt easy a week or 2 ago and made stupid mistakes with my weights for my work sets.  I also kind of felt like I was gonna laugh at the ground, which I usually only get if I'm training a lot earlier like around 5 or 6 AM.

Clap Pushups

10xBW - No clap


Single Arm Bottoms Up Press

10ea x 25

6ea x 35

2ea x 45

6ea x 50 - I thought this was 55 --> stupid mistake.

2x6ea x 55 - Left arm generally more wobbly than right arm today.

Pendlay Rows





My hands were loosey goosey on the bar and these felt a lot heavier than they have for the past couple weeks as a result until I remembered to squeeze the damn bar.

Alternate Arm Neutral Grip DBB/Supinated Grip LPD

2x{8ea x 95/10x144}

8ea x 100/10x144

GHR Back Extensions/Head Support Reverse Flys




I skipped the last set of back extensions because my left side was feeling funky and stopped at 15x on rev flys because my left shoulder was also feeling funky, which sucks because those usually make my shoulders feel great.