Tues, 13 Jun 17

Block 12, Wave 3 - BP

Seriously.  When I have to sit for most/all of the day, my training is garbage.  Maybe this is because when I have to do this it is because I am studying for and taking exams and it's the stress more than the sitting that is messing me up.  Or most likely it's a combination of these factors.  But regardless, sitting studying from 9A-11:30P yesterday in class, driving to school and home, and then studying and taking 2 online quizzes with only brief food and bathroom breaks did not make for good training today.  I'm 90% sold on taking a deload after I finish up this wave of training before I start my next block.


6x1ea x 16 - This went a little better today, but my technique is still crap.

Axle Bench








Banded Axle Push Press

10x80 - No bands

3x80 + light and monster mini (basket)

4x3x100 + light and monster mini

This was way more band tension than I used last time with what I thought were equivalent bands (not from elitefts - NOT equivalent tension)

Alternate Arm Incline DB Skull Crushers (L,R,B=1)