Thurs, 15 Nov 18

Heavy Lower

Since my shoulder continues to improve overall, I wanted to try squatting with a barbell instead of the safety squat yoke bar to see how it felt and what I was able to do.  Since doing yoke seems to help my shoulder feel better, I was fully ready to have to squat with an axle instead of a barbell and use a high bar position instead of low, but things actually felt pretty good warming up so I stuck with using my Texas squat bar in a low position with only some minor trouble toward the end.  Gregg also stopped by to drop off some ATI swag since he is now rocking and rolling with another PT company up in DE.  Having such a large land mammal hanging out while I trained served as a reminder that I need to upgrade the storage in my garage gym to make more room for activities.






3x375 - Add belt



I started to feel a little tightness in my left pec minor (what I suspect is the root cause of my current shoulder funk) during and after 415, so I stopped there for today.  I felt it again and a little more on my first set at 365, so I limited myself to one of my planned three down sets.  I'm just happy to be able to start squatting with a normal bar again (despite my love for the SSYB).  This was also my first time squatting without a box in quite a while as well.  Overall a good day even if I had stopped right here.

Band Assist GHR/SSYB RFE SS/SSYB Calf Raises

12xBW minus mini band/8ea x 155/20x245

2x{15xBW minus mini band/8ea x 155/20x245}

I need to add warmup sets for GHRs and RFE SS since both of the first sets felt like rotten pond scum, but then both second sets felt skrong.

That was all for today.  I'd like to have done another big compound exercise as a supplemental between squats and my accessory work, but training after work is kind of taking me back to training after classes in PT school (for those who may not have read my PT school training logs, I was often considering what to skip or how early to end training before I even started because of stress, tiredness, etc).  I am going to try training before work next week to see if I like it any better.