If in Doubt, Focus on Speed.. Dynamic Effort Box Squats in Briefs.

Current Competition Plans: Read Here

I'm currently doing a 3-day training split to off-set my weekend work doing concrete leveling out of town (temporary situation over summer). The split includes:

1: Primary Squat Day - Alternates between %-based competition squat, and squat variations based on RPE (SSB, front squat, pauses, etc). This also includes squat/deadlift assistance work.

2: Primary Pressing Day - Alternates between %-based and RPE-based pressing movements (bench press, floor press, etc). This also includes upper body assistance work.

3: Dynamic Squat Day & Full Body Assistance - Waves of dynamic effort squatting (typically in briefs), as well as a full-body assistance work circuit.

June 2018 Week 2 - Day 2 (Dynamic Effort Squat & Full Body Assistance)

  • A. SSB Close Stance Box Squats (in briefs) - Singles, 2 sets at each weight as long as speed stays consistent/gets faster.

    • 2x1 @ 330, 2x1 @ 350, 2x1 @ 380, 2x1 @ 400lbs.

  • Weight Vest Circuit (20-lb Weight Vest)

  • A. Standing Strict Overhead Press (115lbs barbell) - 5 reps

  • B. Chin-Ups - 8 reps

  • C. Push-Ups - 10 reps

  • ..Completed for 5 Rounds.

*I can definitely feel the combination of traveling and working my second job, but just trying to remember that discipline for continuing to chip away is more important than anything else. Overall a good session.


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