Sat, 11 Aug 18

Events @ Iron Strong

I had high hopes for today, but they turned into a puddle of shame and got washed down the drain.

Log Clean & Jerk (clean once)

complex x 85

complex x 135



My initial sets with light weight felt awesome and cleans on the log felt better than they have in a very long time, but my left shoulder was barking at me ever louder as I was working my way through my warmups.  After the first set at 225 I did a quick analysis on myself and realized my left shoulder internal rotation was all jacked up so I did a couple more warmup exercises for it and got it moving like the right side which made 225 feel better pressing it up, but it still felt like trash when I lowered it back to my shoulders, regardless of whether I lowered it slowly under control or fast and caught it with my body, so I shut it down for today.

On one hand, this was disappointing, but on the other hand I'm excited to train log again and I think I can get my shoulder back to normal in a week or two tops.  Log cleans seriously felt like I could set a new world record.

Prowler Push/Pull (A.K.A. 2 prowlers 1 shmuck)

80' x prowler + 200/80' x prowler + 300

This was supposed to be testing for me to get the weights set for the strongman/strongwoman comp I am running at the end of September, but after getting it all setup and doing one run, it started to pour down rain with a nice mix of thunder and lightning thrown in for good measure.  Dave jumped in and gave me a hand scrambling to get the prowlers and weights back inside and that was the end of my training for today.  The one run that I did was helpful, but I need to do a couple more at least and have a few other guys and girls try it out as well before I post the weights.  Since I won't be back home until I finish up my last clinical in 2 weeks I'll have to wait until then to finalize the weights for that event because I am not the type of promoter to throw out random numbers without testing the weights on the competition equipment at the contest venue.