Sat, 8 Sept 18

Events @ ISCF

Today was a frustrating training day.  I took a long ass time warming up for log to try to get an idea of where I'm at to see if I was up for getting a video submission for the OSG.  Things felt great after I got warmed up right up until they didn't, right when the weight was just starting to get heavy.

Log C&J (clean once)

complex x 85

complex x 135

complex x 175



2x265 - Felt good up to and including this set

2x285 - Left shoulder instability starting to show a little bit

1x305 - FUGLY!  Completely awful and unstable on the left side, see video

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The cleans still feel like butter and I feel strong on the jerks, but the heavier I went after 265, the more unstable my left shoulder was getting so I called it here and opted not to record a submission for the OSG at this time.  We will see if I can get things improved enough by the end of the month to try again.  I feel like once I fix this I will be as strong or stronger than I've ever been on log.

Gregg was training tugs in his Metal Jack DL suit while I was hitting log and he had an outstanding day, pulling a PR of 815 and barely missing 855 due to grip.  Here is video of his 815 pull.

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It had been dry all morning up until right when I finished up on log and was cleaning up to go outside and do farmer's.  Then it started to pour down rain.  I waited a bit to see if it would let up and it didn't so I opted to do some shoulder stability work since all my other plans for the day required outside training.

Horizontal Band Pullaparts/Paused Band External Rotation

2x{30 sec hold + 15x mini band/10ea x mini band}

I used a 3 sec negative on the pullaparts and a 5 sec pause on the ER.


6ea x 6 sec hold

I finished up with some stretching for chest, shoulders, and lats.  Disappointing day overall, but I learned what I need to do to get better and strong(er).