In the gym, working on my dynamic explosiveness

Background: I work at OSU as a graduate teaching associate and lift at Ludus Magnus. I am a raw lifter who competes in the 105lb weight classes, and am currently prepping for my next meet (when grad school finally gives me a weekend off) . Currently, I am in the process of trying to accomplish my lofty lifting goals,survive graduate school, and teach undergraduates about what I really love, TRAINING..


Eccentric Block Wk3: DE lower

(Tuesday Training-Sorry it is behind!)

Warm up

Neural prep
Plyometric to box jump

1. Speed squat contrast sets
9 x 2+ 1
1 set:
2 reps x 50% x 4 sec eccentric high bar back squat
1 rep front squat, fast down and up with same weight

2. stiff leg contrast speed pulls
5 x 3 + 3
1 set:
3 reps sumo stiff leg speed pull, 4 count eccentric
3 reps plyo jump over bench onto box

3a. Ghr
3b. Back Ext

Too Explosive??

Warm up
Later in the day, I was moving so fast, I hit my head on a metal hood, and had to walk around campus with an ice glove on my head...


Not so stylish..

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