Thurs, 27 Sept 18

Upper Assistance/Shoulder Fixin'

Today was the first day I really tried to push the increase in my workload on my assistance day.  Previously I had been increasing more gradually, but half the time it wasn't enough to make me feel like I was doing anything.  So since things have been going well and my shoulder feels good, I tried to do enough that it actually felt like training.  Mission accomplished.  It was still not a gut buster by any means, but I did a good job.

Neutral Grip Lat Pulldowns/DB Shrugs


10x120/30 sec hold + 10x70

2x{10x130/30 sec hold + 10x70}

Continuing to use a 4 sec negative on pulldowns and a 3 sec pause after the initial hold on shrugs.

Single Arm Seated Cable Rows/High Incline AmBar Bench + Serratus Press



2x{10ea x 80/10x145 + 10x145}

10ea x 90/10x145 + 10x145

After frying my serratuses on Monday with incline American bar benching I combined that with my serratus presses.

AmBar OH Shrugs/Side Lying External Rotation

20x75/20 sec hold + 10ea x 5

20x85/20 sec hold + 10ea x 5

20x85/10ea x 5 - No hold on ER

I stuck with the 5 sec pause on ER and managed to make myself do a 3rd set despite my external rotators being more fried than usual by skipping the initial timed hold to start.

After this I made up the core work I skipped yesterday.

Incline Reverse Crunches/Back Extensions