IPA World Championships - Team Nebobarbell - Katy Silvers - with meet VIDEO....

Team Nebobarbell - Katy Silvers - 38 Years Old

IPA World Championships at The Flex Lewis Classic - Murfreesboro, Tennessee - 10/12/19

SHW Wt Class Women's Sub Master/Open - Full Power Raw

2nd Powerlifting Meet

7 for 9 on attempts
Squat - 285 pounds - PR
Bench - 150 pounds - PR
Deadlift - 325 pounds
Total - 760 pounds - PR

1st Place SHW Women's Open - Full Power Raw
1st Place SHW Women's Sub Master - Full Power Raw

Katy is very new to our sport and is somewhat still newish to our Team but in her 9 months with us she has made huge strides in her training and she is fitting in well with our Motley Crew.

Katy has competed in one other meet before she started training with us. Since that 1st meet she did our goal was to beat those previous numbers. She did that with ease and more in the tank.

I am very happy with her progress and I am very excited to see her take her next step in training with us.

Katy is a great asset to our women's group and our Team. I'm thankful she found us and travels as far as she does each and every week to train with our Team.

Huge congratulations to you Katherine!

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