Wed, 21 Sept 16

Block 7, Wave 1 - DL

I feel like every day this week has taken a week to go by and summer semester was 6 months ago instead of 6 weeks ago.  Also, my freakin' hands hurt!  Not really sure why, but I will have to make some modifications to my training if this situation doesn't improve pretty quickly.  It's not a callous issue, but my actual hands themselves.  Thanks to my ever-expanding repertoire of medical knowledge, I'm immediately thinking rheumatoid arthritis.  This is of course not the case, but worst case scenario is usually my first thought.  Wasn't sure how tugging would go today with a pretty late start (for me) and feeling tired and run down, but it was slightly better than expected with only minimal helicoptering which I was able to correct for on each of the subsequent reps after I noticed it.  Unrelated side note: I'm very much looking forward to going to Brute Strength Gym this weekend to learn how to toss ye olde cabers!








8x510 - Rep Record

DB Reverse Lunges

10ea x BW

10ea x 35

2x10ea x 40 - I was weebling and wobbling through my middle bits cause I apparently forgot how to stabilize myself, but no problems with my knee so I will continue to bump the weights up.

TKEs/Back Extensions

3x{15ea x avg band/15x40}

It was late and I was beat by this point so we truncated the final assistance work somewhat.  It is amazing to me how just one simple exercise (back extensions and variations thereof) can have such a big impact on my deadlifting.  Though since I do have a structurally abnormal low back on one side, nothing should really be that surprising I guess.