January 9th


FRONT squats 

5x3. Bar, 95, 135, 185, 215, 250.

Single Leg Curl 3x5

Worked up to 3 plates 

January 10th

Echo Bike.  6min. 1:84 of a Mile.

BARBELL DECLINE work up to single 405lbs 

Chest supported rows (sit).  Total LBs. Work up to 370lbs for double

DB lat raise (SS) Tricep pressdowns


Last set 20lbs and stack (RAN OUT OF TIME)

January 11th

Treadmill. 6min.  3.5MPH for 5min.  4.5MPH for 1min

Neck 85lbs 1x12

Nautilus curl.  20/10/5/5 worked up to stack better ROM this week

Plank. 1:20

January 12th

Echo Bike.  6min.  1:80 of a mile

Rack Pulls (Sumo).  1hole from ground. 5x5.


Pull-Thrus. 3x5.  110,170,200lb

January 13th


DB MIL. 5x3. 50/65/75/90/100 x 5.

Lat Pull-down 5x4. 120/150/200/210/

BB shrug (SS) Tank Tricep 10reps each set

Worked up to 305lbs on shrugs 

January 14th

Treadmill 6min.  3.5mph for 4min. 4.5mph for 1min

Neck 85lb 1x12

Easy bar 20/10/5/5. Worked up to 110lbs

AbCore25/45/45 3x15

Feeling better each day. Training is solid, still building.

As far as my clients, they had five sets of 12 on specialty bars this week. Most athletes in college left for second semester. I Plan on running a three week block with specially bars, most of my clients and athletes. Obviously the ones in season will do lower, rubs her weight with less volume.