January 16th


Front squat 5/4/3/2/1

Bar, 95, 135, 185, 225, 275, 315lbs

January 17th

Echo bike 6min.   1:81MPH

Black widow (33lb) floor press. 5x5.  95,135,185,225,275,300lbs. 

DB low row. 5x5. 55,75,100,110lbs

Band pull aparts.  4x12 green band

January 18th

Treadmill 6min. 3.5MPH for 5min then 4.5MPH for 1min

Neck 90lbs 1x12

Nautilus Curl 20/10/5/5 worked up to stack pretty good ROM

Plank 1:25

January 19th

Echo Bike 6min. 1:85 of a mile

Rack Pulls.  1hole sumo. 5x3.  135,225,315,405,455, 495lbs

Prone leg curls. 4x5 went up to 120lbs

Standing Ab Pulldowns. 3x5 worked up to stack

January 20th


DB MIL. Work up to single. 40/60/80/100/110 got 3 with the 110’s

Lat Pull-down work up to single. 70x5, 140x4, 200x3, 230x2, 260x2 bad ROM

BB shrug (SS) Tank Tricep 10reps each set

Worked up to 385lbs

January 21st

Treadmill 6min. 3:5mph for 5min then 4:5mph for 1min

Neck 90lbs 1x12

Easy bar curls 20/10/5/5 worked up to 110’s for 6reps

Crunch Machine 20lbs.  3x20 reps

Another good (not great) week in the books. just have to keep working and get healthier every week.

For our groups we hit specialty Bars at 12’s. Here was our lower 1st day of the week.

Specialty Bar Squats 5x12

Posterior chain Machine (choice) 5x12

Pistol Box Squat 5x12

Decline Ab 5x12