January 23rd

TTF Lower warm up

Safety Bar Box Squats 5x5.  Bar, 155, 225, 295, 345lbs

Bulgarian split squats 3x5 BW/30/55.

AbCore.  3x15.  25/45/45

January 24th

Echo Bike.  6min. Got to 1:81 or a mile

Black widow (33lb) floor press. 5x3. 95,135,185,225,275,315.

DB low row. 5x3. 60/80/95/110/120lbs

Band pull aparts.  4x20

January 25

Treadmill 6min.  3:5MPH for 5min.  4:5MPH for 1min.

Neck 90lbs 1x12

FreeMotion Bicep.  6/10/13/16.  20/15/10/5

Plank. 1:30

January 26

Echo Bike 6min. 1:79 of a mile

Rack Pulls.  1hole sumo. Work up to a single. 135-5, 225-4, 315-3, 405-2, 495-1, 545-1,

Prone leg curls. 4x5 went up to worked up to stack 

Standing Ab Pulldowns. 3x5 worked up to stack

January 27


BAMBOO OHP.  4x12.  Blue KB’s, Blue KB’s +10’s, Blue KB’s +(2)-10’s, Blue KB’s +3-10’s

BB shrugs 5x4.  135/225/315/405lbs

Dips. 3x20 BW

January 28

Treadmill 6min. 3:5MPH for 5min. 4:5MPH for 1min.

Neck 90lbs 1x12

Hammer Curls. 20/15/10.  25/35/45lbs

Good week, still moving up. For my groups we hit 10’s. Here is our 2nd lower session of last week.


Hex Bar Deadlifts 5x10 70%
Pistol Box Squats 5x10 Bw

Hip Thrust (kneelIng w/elitefts band) 5x1min

AbCore 5x12

Sprint for conditioning