Fri, 23 Sept 16

Block 7, Wave 1 - Assistance II

BB Split Jerks

complex x 45

3ea x 65

3ea x 75

3ea x 85

3ea x 95

All sets were done in an alternating leg fashion and each successive set felt better than the previous one.  Part 1 of today's title: I'm very glad I took split jerks OUT of my program for several weeks for the early stages of my knee rehab (after being a dummy and re-injuring it one week after the initial injury - better late than never).  I love split jerks, but I was not physically able to do them safely for a while so I had to stop doing them short term so that I can continue to do them for the long term.  Now the trick will be not to move back up too fast with my weights as I am still rehabbing my knee.

Snatch Balance





Still using baby weights here, but these are getting smoother with each rep I do.  I miss snatch and clean and jerk.

Strict Log Press/Wide Grip Peg Pullups




Banded Dips/Wide Grip Curls


2x{6 x avg bands/10x75}


And part 2 of today's log title: I really like doing the dips with band tension, but I currently have some ulnar nerve compression in my hand which is causing intermittent loss of sensation in the cutaneous distribution (i.e. I get the feeling of pins and needles in my pinky and half of my ring finger).  The pressure on my hand from holding the dip handles combined with the tension from the two average bands at the top was aggravating this condition so I stopped after two sets because one more set is not a deal breaker and I am making progress in clearing up this stupid nerve compression so why undo my efforts by being a dummy?  I do love dips, but for now I'll sub in DB floor press instead until I get rid of this minor nerve entrapment issue.