Sun, 11 Nov 18

Lower Assistance

Today's lower body assistance work went well, and when I got to thinking about why, I realized that everything is unilateral and less stressful on my CNS than my normal training for squat and DL.  I am going to adjust my upper assistance day to be similarly structured instead of a watered down version of my primary pressing day.  More along the lines of hitting some simpler exercises like triceps pushdowns, curls, direct single joint shoulder work, etc.  Some of it may be unilateral, but since I'm already doing some of that in my min upper days, it won't as big of a focus.  Along with this, I'm going to try moving my heavier OH work back to event days, but putting it at the end instead of the beginning.

Band TKE Heel Taps/Single Leg Band Hamstring Pulldowns

15ea x BW from 7.5"/15ea x light band

2x{15ea x BW from 9"/15ea x avg band}

The heel taps went much better than they have for several weeks.  I'll try to bump the height up a little more next time and then progress to lower height with additional weight.

Single Leg DB Glute Bridges/Copenhagen Planks

3x{10ea x 35/10ea x BW}

The glute bridges got easier as I went and the Copenhagens got harder.  I used a 3 sec pause at the top for them with the pad just above my knee.