Tues, 13 Nov 18

Primary Pressing

Today was my first time training after working all day since starting my new job with ATI here in Salisbury.  I work 2 late days, 2 early days, and one middle day.  I could train prior to going in on the late days, but I don't like having a cutoff time I have to finish by.  So for now I am trying to train after I finish on my early days.  I'm definitely starting out tired as compared to the past several weeks of studying for boards when I could train pretty much whenever I wanted to, but hopefully once I get used to my new schedule and establish a routine, things will improve some.  It's still far better than training after classes during PT school.  And if I decide I don't like it, I always have the option of switching up to morning training before work on my late days.

Due to my brain being slightly scrambled as I try to improve my familiarity with a new (to me) electronic medical record documentation system and switching my overhead press work capacity training back to my primary pressing day, I accidentally mixed together a little bit of both of my upper body days.  I think this mostly worked out fine though, since I am planning to change things up a little bit anyways and the mistakes I made are actually changes I was going to make.  So maybe I outsmarted myself and was subconsciously following the plan all along.  We'll go with that.

Axle Strict Press (from rack)

complex x 70

6x100 - Start 5 sec negatives

5x120 - I meant to do just 2 reps, but got distracted by how good pressing felt.

4x5x140 - Rest ~30 sec

2x5x140 - Rest ~90 sec

I bumped up the weight by 5 pounds from last time and ended up doing 2 fewer sets at the same level of fatigue, but I'm pretty sure this was due to training post-work and not from the extra el bees.  Either way though, my shoulder felt great.

Very Strict Neutral Grip Pullups/Lateral Raises



Pullups also felt the best they have since I added them back into training.  I'll start increasing volume a little at a time.  The lateral raises will be replaced by landmine presses next week though.

Meadows Rows/Dips

10ea x 45/---

3x{8ea x 100/10xBW}

Doing the rows after pullups made them much harder, but that's just fine.  The first set of dips was squirrelly as hell, but each set improved as I moved forward, so I'll be adding weight next week.