Mon, 5 Sept 16

Block 6, Wave 3 - BP

Labor day meant no classes, which is normally welcome, but since the semester just started and all my classes are only one day a week this semester, not so much this time around.  Marc was off galavanting around the mid atlantic region in search of cooze, so I trained by myself in the garage today.  This ended up with me becoming disgusted with the state of filth that the gym was in, so I started cleaning up the most offending areas and my training gradually devolved into a full on labor day vacuum fest.

Bench Press







3x310 - This set felt stupid.

1x345 - This set started out quite well and the weight felt much easier than 310, but as I was pressing up my left foot slipped and even though I finished the rep easily, I ended up stopping here because I was screwing around trying without success to get my foot reset.  I don't know where I muffed my setup or if it was just a fluke, but getting reset while holding heavy weights at lockout is not a good idea.

This is where the cleaning began.

Banded Low Incline DB Bench

4x10x75 + light band

There was a lot of cleaning going on during my rest breaks on these.

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DB Rows

4x10ea x 105 - I dropped down on weight a little bit today since this had bothered my knee last time.  No problems so I'll bump back up again next time.

At this point, I just decided to be done with training and fully clean the floor of the garage.  I need to get a couple of plastic bins to organize the shelves better, but at least I can pick up things from the floor now without massive clumps of dust and crap clinging to everything.