Wed, 20 June 18

Lower @ BSG

I was a short n' curly away from not training today.  I stayed almost 2 hours late at work because I didn't keep on top of my patient notes and had to do them all at the end of the day, plus my brain decided it had had enough about 2/3 of the way through and that slowed me down more.  I had entered my apartment address into google maps and was about to head back, but instead I turned the other way heading out of the parking lot at work and toward Brute Strength Gym.  I told myself all I had to do was get there and start warming up and then I'd play it by ear.  This was the right decision.

My programming for today was not set in stone.  I had the options of either deadlifting or doing tire flips, depending on how ready I felt for each of those events.  Since I had a great DL day last week and I still feel like I'm strong, but slow and lethargic on tire flipping, I went with that option.

Tire Flip




20x500 - All one motion flips.

My sets at 700 got faster as I went, but my fastest set today was still more than 10 seconds slower than the set I timed from event training last weekend.  One a positive note, I was so awful warming up that I couldn't do a single one motion flip with the 500 tire, so coming back at the end and hitting 20 of them was a definite confidence boost.

Standing Calf Raises/Reverse Hypers/Incline Reverse Crunches


I'm driving home for the weekend on Friday so today was most likely my last gym training day before deloading next week.  I've still got a final event day on Saturday, but that will just be mostly some technique work.