Last Squats and Deadlifts

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Last lifts of the training block. Been a very very good one and only missed a single rep the entire block which is meme-worthy and appropriate. But other than that, damn near flawless. As I spoke about it before though, there's no expectations just indicators. Anything could happen on the day of but that's why we compete right? Some arbitrary principle of showing up to an official thing and doing it there. Vacating some sense of control so to solidify the fact or feeling that it doesn't matter and we can succeed in spite of it. "Take my power, because I will do it any way" . . . Hm. I'm excited! . . . @scottmiller5 @kabuki_virtualcoaching @kabukistrengthlab @elitefts #TeamEliteFTS #STRONGTHESULLIVANWAY #kabukistrength #TeamKS #KSVirtualCoaching

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