Sat, 28 July 18

Events @ Iron Strong CF

No rain today so I was able to get everything done as planned with no hitches.  Since I only had about a month to train for world's after getting the invite from winning nationals, my main training focus has just been on the 3 events on Saturday for the qualifying round.  The reason for this is that the athletes that don't make it past the qualifying round on Sat don't get to compete in the finals on Sun, so training for the finals events was definitely less of a priority.  I still did it for most of them, just less than for the ones in the qualifying round.  It also helps that there is some overlap with what I was training for nationals so it's not like I'm starting from scratch.  I hit all 3 qualifier events one more time today and was able to stick to my programming, which was about 85% of comp weights.

Farmer's Walk (straight shot)

120' x 110

120' x 200

120' x 250

I don't have a frame, but I've always found farmer's to be pretty helpful for training frame carry, the main difference being the width of the frame and handle height sometimes makes the pick a little harder.  I have ordered the giant sized rackable trap bar from the site here to use for things like frame carry in the future since I have wanted one for a while.  Hopefully it will get here in time for me to use it for the deadlift medley event in the comp I am hosting on Sept 22 here in Salisbury, but if not I know it will get a ton of use regardless for years to come.

Carry and Load

warmups consisted of setting it up and carrying the med ball and atlas stones down to the starting line, which was about 40 feet each

2 runs of 20'x{150 slam ball, 175 stone, 215 stone, 250 stone} loaded over a 52" bar

On the first run, the 250 stone was riding a little low on me and I had to use my Elvis pelvis to hump it up over the bar at the last second, but I had it up higher on the second run and it was much easier.  I didn't even have to use my face to push the stones over today.  Thanks to Dave for being my catcher again to keep me from destroying anything in the gym while I was launching flying balls through the air.

Viking Press






I lowered my working weights just slightly from what I would normally have done on overhead since I was doing it last in training versus first.  I could definitely tell I was a lot more fatigued going into it than normal, but it was still easy.  Big shoutout to EliteFTS for the viking press attachment and everyone I know who has one that I used to train (Teddy, Dustin, and Steve).  Training for the viking press would have been a lot tougher without y'all having that piece of equipment.

I fly out for Finland on Wednesday morning so I will probably just try to get in one deload day on either Monday or Tuesday since my work schedule is pretty full both those days.  There is no live stream that I am aware of, but if that changes I will try to post the info here and on social media as well.  We will be competing on some pretty gnarly looking equipment over there and the forecast right now is for a 40-50% chance of rain both days next weekend so that might make things interesting, but I feel like I'm good to go as far as everything I was able to prepare for.