Last Week of Speed Pulls Before Transitioning to Cleans + Sandbag Carries

..In day 2 of the first week of my Strongman training schedule, I wrapped up my last wave of speed pulls and started adding in some loaded carries for conditioning following the rest of training.

These sessions will basically consist of:

  • Explosive lower body movement
  • Deadlifts - Strength
  • Squats - Strength
  • Loaded Carries - Conditioning

Day 2 - Explosive Lower / Deadlift + Squat / Loaded Carries

A1. Reverse Hypers (light) - 3x15

A2. Box Jumps - 3x3

B. Speed Pulls - 5x2 w/ 385lbs, then 405x1, 505x1

C. SSB Box Squats in Briefs - 8x2

D. Sandbag Carries - 5x40m as fast as possible


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