Sat, 2 June 18

Events @ Brute

Pressing felt great today except for one wrinkle - I struggled to get back to an upright position after locking out the circus DB.  This is something I've never had a problem with before and after thinking about it, I suspect it was due to my low back and obliques being fatigued from some of my training yesterday.  Despite this, I still hit an all time PR for my left arm.

Circus DB C&P

band warmups

5ea x 115

1ea x 145

1ea x 165

1ea x 175

1ea x 180 - Left arm PR

1ea x 185 - Video, left arm PR; locked out the right arm, but lost it standing up so 50/50 if it would have been good in competition, but then stuck the left arm like a split hog.

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Tire Flip

3x5x700 - First video is of 3rd set.

2x900 - Second video and this felt like about half a ton (if ya know what I mean).

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Atlas Stone Series

3x250 to 52"

1x250 to 56"

1x250 to 56", 1x315 to 52", 1x325 to 48", 1x335 to 48" - Video

1x250 to 56", 1x325 to 52". 1x335 to 48". 1x350 to 48"

The first stone in the video was an unplanned one motion.  I was gonna lap it, but then I just kept right on going.  The 350 stone from the last set I suspect may be heavier because it is a bigger diameter (I think 21" versus 20" of the other 300 stones) and it also felt like closer to 400 than mid 300s.  Either way I still humped it into submission, but sadly not on video.

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