Sun, 4 Nov 18

Lower Assistance

Quick training today in between packing and getting ready to head up to DE/PA for job training tomorrow and Tuesday, and watching the first part of the Redskins game.  I say first part because it was an embarrassing blowout defeat and while I did not rage quit in the first quarter as I have been known to do in the past when they are down by more than 28 points in the first quarter (thankfully it wasn't that bad), I had better things to do than watch that nonsense after the outcome became clear.

Band TKE Heel Taps/Supine SL Band HS Pulldowns/SL Calf Raises

3x{15ea x BW/15ea x light band/20ea x BW} - Avg band for the heel taps

No training tomorrow since I'll be out of town, but I'll pick it back up on Tuesday when I get home.