Legs (this past Saturday)

Started with a bunch of supersets of seated leg curls and leg extensions. After warmups we did 4 hard super sets:
12 reps of each, with 1 second flexes (2 rounds like this)
9 reps of each, with 2 second flexes (1 round of this)
then 1 final round which was a crazy drop set on each exercise with 3 to 4 drops and lots of long contractions (3 seconds on the leg extensions)

Then we moved to a machine leg press (with a weight stack on the side) and did a bunch of warmups then 5 or 6 hard sets of 20 reps, with many of them rest paused (the final set was 5 reps done "normally" then 15 reps done rest pause style, i.e. rock bottom with a full pause on every rep). This crushed the thighs.

Finished up with T-bar stiff leg deads - 3 sets of 12 reps

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