Sat, 27 Oct 18

Events @ ISCF

Today I tried doing my strongman event training without getting my left shoulder fatigued from pressing first as I work on fixing it and surprising no one at all, everything felt much better/easier.  I'm going to move my heavier pressing which I had been doing on Saturday to my primary upper day and shift my work capacity pressing to my upper assistance day until my shoulder gets back to normal.  My training schedule may be slightly altered this week since I'll be in FL for the first part of the week checking out locations for my wedding, but it should be no problem to stick pretty close to plan.


120' x 165

120' x 255

120' x 345

60' x 435

60' x 525

3x60' x 625 - All times were sub 10 sec and I got faster on each one.

Keg Carry/Prowler Backwards Drag

60' x 150/60' x prowler + 90

60' x 200/60' x prowler + 180

60' x 250/60' x prowler + 180

60' x 250/60' x prowler + 230

Dragging the prowler on concrete is much worse than on asphalt, but that also means I don't have to bring as much weight outside and back in when I clean up.

Atlas Stone Shouldering




All sets were alternating shoulders.  This went much better than last time I tried it thanks to my shoulder being stronger and less fatigued.


6x 60' x prowler + 90

As usual, pushing was much worse than pulling.  I stopped at 6 runs because it was starting to rain again and I was starting to slip and slide on the concrete.  Rest periods were to walk 60' down and back.  Glad I am starting to add conditioning back into my training because I am turning into a fat sack of crap.