Life Update Part 1: Just Accepted a New Job Position at University of Cincinnati

..Just when I started to get caught up on logs this past week, life got real crazy (for positive reasons). Last weekend I accepted a position at The University of Cincinnati as the Program Director for Fitness & Wellness in their Campus Recreation Department. My start date is July 16th, so I basically have 2 weeks to prepare my staff and students at Ohio University for my departure, and 3 weeks total to find a place to live in Cincinnati and move.

It's definitely bittersweet leaving Ohio U with all the work I've been doing there with Student Well-Being (which I'm going to write an article about in the future), but this new position will be a huge career step and also put me back in a larger city which is what I'm used to and love. 

At this point in the process I have one week left of work at OU, so I'm racing to try and provide as much help as I can to them before I leave, and then prep for the move to Cincinnati. Once I get this move taken care of, I'll be able to get a new training schedule set and catch back up on articles/logs, and the new position there will also provide me some new areas to influence content that I provide on EliteFTS.

Stay tuned!

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