Thurs, 16 April 15

Just like Tuesday was similar in awesomeness to last week, so too was today similar in sluggishness to last Thursday.  I didn't feel tired or slow, so much as unfocused and uncoordinated.  Again like last week I still got done everything I had planned without having to alter anything and I did it the same or better than my previous log day.  It is frustrating when weights feel easy, but you are still doing a Texas two step at lockout every other rep.  Video from today's training, and lots of other strongman related content, is over on my Instagram page.

Log Clean & Jerk (clean once)

complex x 85

complex x 135

complex x 185






2x295 - These all felt pretty light and I would have gone up heavier if not for my drunken monkey style of lifting weights today.

SS: Supinated Grip Axle Rows/Skull Crushers




SS: Close Grip Curls/Band Face Pulls

3x{10x100/20x light band}

Prowler Hi/Lo

6x{50' x prowler+50 high handles/50' x prowler+50 low handles} - I was moving pretty well on these, but I felt like a barrel of smashed buttholes and the feeling was increasing exponentially with each run so I called it after six runs.  I find it in no way coincidental that the hi/lo pushes are the ones that I always seem to miss due to time conflicts, weather, or training at the Y instead of the Unit.  I may get super sadistic and switch them out for prowler suicides in my next training block.