Thurs, 12 Mar 15

Today was an awesome day.  I drove up to Bel Air today and saw a friend and former client from my years as a trainer as well as my friend and chiropractor, Dr. Jason Menges.  I am not currently rehabbing any active injuries, I just wanted to go in and get stretched out and adjusted because Jason has a specialized traction table that makes my back feel amazing under any circumstances and his manual adjustment skills are outstanding.  The table allows you to pull cervical traction, lumbar traction, cervical+lumbar, thoracic+lumbar, and I think you could even do some smaller joint traction on elbows, knees, etc if you had the right harnesses.  I have done traction a number of different ways and it is all always about the same except for on Jason's SRT (spinal rejuvenation therapy) table because that table has the added feature of variable speed vibration that you can crank way up if needed/wanted which forces the muscles to relax while pulling the traction much more effectively than just pulling traction and having to try to relax while being stretched.  This makes the traction experience itself relaxing and the feelings of awesomeness in your back and neck when finished are unbelievable.  To make this day even better, I got to train at the Colosseum Gym in Columbia, MD today for log work.  The Colosseum is an awesome facility that is friendly to strongmen, powerlifters, weightlifters, body builders, etc and has all the specialized equipment needed to train for the aforementioned strength sports (much of it from none other than elitefts!).  Other than moving at a little slower pace than usual since I was talking with several people I know there while I was training, it was a great day and my training is mostly on or ahead of schedule in how easy the weights feel.

Log C&J (clean once)

complex x 70

complex x 120

complex x 155






2x295 - My work sets felt easier each time and I wanted to keep going up, but the plan today was 3 doubles at and RPE of 7, so I stopped at 295 today.

SS: Supinated Grip Axle Rows/Skull Crushers



8x190/10x115 - Skull crushers felt way easier today, probably because I was on a bench instead of on the floor like I do in the Unit and was able to generate more tension through the front of my body to assist in pushing the weight up.

SS: Close Grip Curls/Band Face Pulls

10x90/20 x doubled mini

2x{10x100/20 x double mini}

Prowler Hi/Lo

5x50'xprowler+90 high handles/50'xprowler+90 low handles - This was not enough weight since the floor was pretty easy to slide the prowler on and I had been there for well over 2.5 hours at this point from talking to people between finishing lifting and starting conditioning and rather than play around with adding weight, I called it and I will do more appropriate conditioning on Saturday after event training.