Low-Volume OHP & High Volume WG Bench..Moving Toward a Solid Secondary Pressing Day [165x7 on Secondary Pressing Day from 8/13/18]

..My bench has progressed best when I have a secondary bench day focused on higher volume and reps. Right now my goal is to do a few waves of OHP to built that up to an acceptable number again, then transition that to a more bench-specific movement such as close grip incline bench. I pretty much do my few basic prescribed sets of OHP then go to wide grip bench which has been slowly increasing weight with 25-30 rep sets..

Secondary Pressing Day from 8/13/2018

A1. Band Pull-Aparts - 4x20

A2. Pushups - 4x15

B. OHP - Top set of 165x7 (3+ week) - 1 rep increase from last wave

C1. Wide Grip Bench - Top sets of 2x25

C2. Chin-Ups - sets of 10 in between sets of wide grip bench

D. Dumbbell Shrugs - 3x20

E1. Tricep Pushdowns - 3x25

E2. Bicep Curls - 3x12


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