Front Squat w/ Harness

  • 145 x 10
  • 235 x 5
  • 325 x 5 x 4
  • 325 x 6

Lying Leg Curls

  • 110 x 10 x 2
  • 130 x 10 x 2

TKE w/ Heavy Band

  • 3 sets of 15 reps

Standing Ab Work

  • 120 x 15 x 3

I just didn't feel like deadlifting today so I opted for front squats since I haven't done them in a while and believe they may help me improve my deadlift after a conversation with Sean Brownstein. I know it won't make it any worse. lol

I also had another MRI yesterday. This time it was on my right shoulder. After my cortisone shots a week ago the doc wanted to get some images taken to see what we are working with. This makes the 7th MRI I've had since 2014. I made this joke before, but I really do wish they had punch cards where the 5th one was free.

I had another employee quit on us at the clinic today after being there for 3 weeks and I've already hired someone to take her place in the kennel. She was in the running for the job 3 weeks ago so I'm hoping she'll work out for us. It's getting tiresome having to have the staff train someone, then they quit and then the staff has to spend a week training yet another person. I know they're getting tired of it too. We may be losing another person soon if things don't improve in another section of the clinic.