Sat, 20 Oct 18

Lower Assistance

Volume still low(er) in an attempt to prevent an unscheduled dropping of my load in my program.

Band TKE Heel Taps/DB SL RDL

10ea x strong band from 7"/8ea x 20

15ea x strong band from 8.5"/10ea x 30

12ea x strong band from 8.5"/10ea x 30

I might need to lower the band tension for the TKEs and adjust my other variables accordingly.  I actually only hit 12 reps on the second work set because the muscles in my right foot crapped out from stabilizing me and keeping balanced against the forward pull of the band.

SL DB Bridges/Seated SL Calf Raises

15ea x 30/20ea x 90

15ea x 40/20ea x 90

I need more weight for the calf raises.