Lower Body - 500 Rep Challenge

After having set an all-time PR on my equipped bench press with 457lbs, I'm now in off season mode getting back to some heavy training while running my gym, THIRST.

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This particular training session I was short on time, and opted to get some quick training in by picking five exercises and knocking out 100 total reps of each exercise. I used a variety of set and rep schemes, but overall, my legs were absolutely smoked. I then went out for New Year's with my wife. I had planned to take the rest of the week off of training to start next Monday off fresh with her, as we're going to try to sync up our training schedules.

Items Used in this Training Session

Warm Up
Tons of PRI Based Stuff

A1) Lying Leg Curls
100 total reps
A2) Leg Extensions
100 total reps

B1) Alternating Reverse Lunges
100 total reps

C1) Leg Press

D1) Band Pull Throughs
100 total reps


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