Lower Training w/ rehab


SSBar to high box

  • Bar x 10 x 2
  • 110 x 10
  • 150 x 10
  • 200 x 10
  • 240 x 10 x 3

Belt Squat Marches

  • 230 x 300 total steps

Single Leg Reverse Hyper

  • 90 x 30 x 3

Hip Hikes w/ KB

  • 15 x 10 x 4

Standing AB work

  • 150 x 12 x 4

The high box squats felt decent today. It's not a lot of weight, but there was little to no pain in my lower back. My mid back did begin to spasm and lock up as the workout progressed. Yeah, I'm having issues with my mid back too.

After seeing a doctor about my back he believes I'm having and issue with my right hip not sitting back as far as my left and is causing the shift and rotation which is why I'm in pain so much. I'm going to experiment with setting my right foot back slightly more than my left and see if that helps any.

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