Thurs, 31 Aug 17

Speeeeeeed Tugs

My plan of training whenever possible to prevent missing days due to unforeseen schedule changes and studying for exams has gone off without a hitch for the first week of fall semester.  Technically I am done with my gym training for the week so I could take tomorrow off.  However, it's supposed to rain all weekend here so I may go ahead and try to train throws and/or events tomorrow afternoon after I get out of class.  Depends on timing and how I feel.  If not I can always train in the rain or train inside at Iron Strong or try to dodge the raindrops or wait until Monday.  Welcome to plans A through E.  One way or another I will get it in.  (That's what she said)

Chain Axle Deadlifts (2 sets of chains)


4x160 - Add chains


2x1x300 - I was only going to do one set here, but the first one was slow so I redid it to make it faster.

8x1x320 - Mostly good and fast sets.

SS Yoke Bar Good Mornings/TKE


3x{10x185/25ea x avg band}

Low back felt fine today with the GMs so I'll be moving on up next week.

Lateral Lunges/Back Extensions/SS Yoke Bar Calf Raise

3x{10ea x 25/15x50/20x265}

Lateral lunges felt great today.  I was having a weird inability to dissociate my ankle movement from my hip and knee movement on my right leg when I was doing these, which seems to have been what was causing my right knee pain.  Meaning when I stepped out to the side, instead of stepping onto a flat foot, I was rolling out onto the outside of my foot which was putting my knee in a position that was causing pain, even though my hip and knee were moving correctly.  By slowing down and stepping, then getting my foot flat, then moving my knee out over my foot into a lunge I was able to fix this.  I have just been gradually increasing the speed as the movement gets easier and now I'm adding additional weight.  Hopefully this will transfer over to my stone throws and give me more power from my legs and hips.