Sat, 16 June 18

Events @ BSG

I trained with Andrew again this morning for some work on what I feel like my weakest events are right now for nationals.  THE Kevin Dickhut was in the house squatting this morning when I arrived so that helped get my mind right to go to work.

Seated Arm Over Arm Prowler Pull

60' x prowler + 200

60' x prowler + 400

This was the first time I had trained this event with a prowler with the indoor skis on rubber flooring and it was exactly what I had been trying and failing to achieve with my truck and the prowler outside.  It was good resistance and the stupid thing didn't keep sliding forward so I had constant tension on the rope instead of a bunch of slack to pull out at the start of each pull.  The prowler plus 200 moved pretty well, but then the prowler plus 400 was utterly ridiculous.  If it weren't for having remnants of Dickhut sweat on me from a bear hug and having Curry yelling obscenities from behind me during this pull, I most likely would have failed to complete it.  As it was, I took a long damn time and experienced actual grip failure for the first time in recent memory.  Once I was able to breathe again and we got the prowler back down and had everything setup  for Andrew, he proceeded to beat me like a red-headed step  child.  I definitely learned a couple things from this and have a couple ideas for improvement, but with 2 weeks left until go time, I may be pushing the limits of what I can force an adaptation to.  Regardless, this was exactly what I needed.

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Tire Flip


Nothing special here.  My second set felt pretty speedy, but then I bobbled the 4th rep on the 3rd set.  I'll probably try to add in a little more work for this as well heading into the home stretch for nats.

Atlas Stone Series

4x245 to 56"

1x315 to 48", 1x335 to 48"

1x245 to 56", 1x315 to 52", 1x335 to 48", 0x350 to 48" - I tried to retack before the 350, but didn't do a good job so it just kept slipping.

1x350 to 48" - I retacked better and came back and hit this easily.

1x245 to 56", 1x315 to 52", 1x335 to 48", 1x350 to 48" - Lesson learned and 4 stone series completed.