February 27th


SQUATS.  Work up to single.  Bar/5, 155/4, 225/3, 295/2, 335/1, 385/1, 425/1, 475/1, 515/1, did it but cut little high

(5plates on 65lb bar)

Bulgarian spilt squat.  3x5.  BW, 25, 45lbs

AbCore.  3x15. 25/50/75lbs

February 28th

Echo Bike.  6min.  Got to 1:80 of a mile

BB incline 5x5.  135x5, 185x5, 205x5, 225x5. 245x5. (Not bad)

Seated Low Row (Med grip prime bar).  5x5.  100,150,200, 250lbs (pretty easy)

Press downs (rope). 3x5 worked to stack 

March 1st

Treadmill 6min. 3:5mph for 5min.  4:6mph for 1min.

Neck. 90lbs 1x15

Hammer curls. 20,15,10,5,5.  25/35/45/55/65lbs

Plank 1:50

March 2nd

Echo Bike 6min.  Got to 1:75 of a mile. Mobility work 5min

Zercher Harness G.Morn.  5x3.  135,225,275,315,365,405lbs

Single Leg curls. 3x5.  2/4/5plate

Abs missed time

March 3rd


BB mil 20/15/10/5/5. 65,85,105


Standing Inverted Rows 20/15/10/5/5 BW all sets. Moved feet closed to turf each set to make harder

AbRoller.  4x5 knees

Push ups. 1setX41reps TOUGH

ScareCrows. 20/15/10/5/5 plate 7

March 4th

Neck 90lbs 1x15

Easy bar curls. 20/15/10/5/5 went up to 110lb

Late to work missed treadmill and AB’s 

We deloaded our groups and clients. This is more of an off week/fitness deload than a normal athlete/powerlifting deload