Monday-sled push 10 trips

  1. Front Squat- up to 330
  2. DB Split Lunge 5x5
  3. Abs

Tuesday-PVC roll

  1. BB Mil Standing-up to 185x12
  2. 55% Incline DB Press x12
  3. Lat Pull 4 sets
  4. abs

Thursday-sled pull 10 trips

  1. Beltless deads conventional up to 500x5
  2. Glute/Ham 4xfail
  3. abs

Friday-PVC roll

  1. Floor Press up to 365 x10
  2. Pull-ups 5xfail
  3. DB Flat up to 150x12
  4. abs

*****This week was light just getting back into it after the disappointing XPC meet that I bombed on the bench.  Sticking with my game plan is a must.  Will call it like it is, I would of won the overall if I would of got one bench in.  Have to learn the shirt.  Have a lot of help with the team at elitefts and some local help as well.  Hitting volume work next 4 weeks then onto meet prep for next meet. Would like to do a meet in mid June.  The reps I am performing next few weeks suck and are killing me but will overall pack on some muscle and help me I'm the long run*****