March 20th


BOX SQUATS SS BAR. Work up to single. Bar x 5, 155 x 4, 225 x 3, 295 x 2, 335 x 1, 385 x 1, 425 x 1, 475 x 1, 

Bulgarian split squat. 3x5 BW, 40, 55lbs

AbPullDowns 3x5.  Worked to stack for 8reps (did later ran out of time)

March 21st

Echo Bike.  6min got to 1:81 if a mile.

DB bench 5x5.  (50x10).  70, 90, 100, 110,

Lat Pulldown.  5x5. (105x10), 160, 200,210,220

Band pull aparts. 100reps.  Mini x 40, red x 25, green x 15,  black 2x10

March 22nd

Neck 95 1x15

Nautilus curl 15/10/5/5.  Went up to second from last plate

Treadmill 6min. 3.6mph for 5min and then 4.6mph for 1mph

Plank 2.05 

March 23rd

Echo Bike 6min. Got to 1:77 mile

Mobility drills 5min

Deadlift.  5x3. 135,225,315,405,455

Was 40lbs heavier than last time triples.  Hit 550 next week

Glute/Ham.  3x5

Abs later

March 24th

BB mil 10/5/5/5.  65, 115, 165, 205, 185lbs

Scarecrows.  10/5/5/5. Worked up to 11 plates

DB shrugs 75/100/130/150lbs for easy 5reps

Tricep pressdowns worked to stack x5

For the groups we hit 4x4 on the main lifts. Here is a sample for our main upper


Bench Press 4x4

Supinated Grip 50% 1 set 50 reps

Pull ups 4x4 add weight

Inverted Row 50 reps

Curl to press (DB) 4x4

conditioning and Ab work