Monday=Lower Body Focus.

  1. Narrow stance front squats 5x10
  2. Step Test (4sets each leg with weight)
  3. Assisted Glute/ham raise (partner)
  4. Glute Bridge Variations/Midsection work
  5. Conditioning (plate push)

Tuesday=Upper Body Focus

  1. 1) BB rep work (30 sec burst)
  2. (superset) Plyo box push ups (till fail/speed slows down)
  3. BB Mil Press 5 x 8
  4. Kettlebell Row 5 x 12
  5. Band Pull Aparts
  6. Upper Body Muscle Endurnace (disc drags)

Thursday=Lower Body Focus

  1. Deficit Deadlift 5x10
  2. (superset) 5 broad jumps-distance
  3. DB walking Lunges (5trips, lateral and linear)
  4. Boatloads of ab movements
  5. Distance Run outside

Friday=Upper Body Focus

  1. Board Press (varies with Athlete) 5x8
  2. Hang Clean 5x3
  3. Pull-Ups 8xFail
  4. Curls-4-da-girls
  5. Resistance Sprints

****Before every workout we hit around 10-12 minutes warming up through various movements I like.  We spend a good amount of time on this along with mobility movements as well to help prep for the days work****