Max Effort Upper: Bench Press vs Doubled Mini Bands

After having set an all-time PR on my equipped bench press with 457lbs, I'm now in off season mode getting back to some heavy training while running my gym, THIRST.

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 This particular Saturday was a pretty good training session, and while I didn't bench quite what I wanted to, it went decent. I decided that I'm going to take Sunday off, and hit some accessory work on Monday, and then just call it until after I'm done with surgery to train. I don't know when that will be, but I'll do my best to keep things updated as I can. What I'm going to put here in my training log is going to have to be something of educational value, so hopefully I can write a decent bit of stuff or put up a video of some kind.

Items Used in this Training Session

Warm Up
Tons of PRI Based Stuff

A1) Bench Press vs Doubled Mini Bands
Worked up to 285x1

B1) Close Grip Incline Bench Press
Worked up to a moderate set of 8

C1) DB Skull Crushers

D1) Dips
3 sets, max reps

E1) Seated Bent Over Rear Delt Raises
E2) Overhead Band Tricep Extensions
100 total reps


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