Wed, 30 May 18

Speed Lower

Today was the heaviest I'll be tugging prior to nats.  I switched up the bands from short lights to short averages and it felt like it added a billion trillion pounds.  I've never felt like I was hitting the limits of tensile strength for any elitefts bands ever in my 12 year history of using them, but the short average bands hooked on band pegs going around a bar with fat gripz on it to protect the bands honestly felt like the last little bit before lockout was like me trying to rip the rack out of the bolts holding it to the floor.

14" Banded DL (short avg bands)


4x45 - Add short light bands


4x45 - Switch short light bands for short avg bands


4x135 - Add Metal Jack DL suit

2x185 - Add belt

4x2x225 - Video of 1st set


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Atlas Stone Squats

3x6x252 - These felt immeasurably harder today after bumping up the band tension on deads.

Standing Calf Raises/Reverse Hypers/Incline Reverse Crunches