Thurs, 25 Apr 19


Axle Zercher Squats

15x70 - Already knew this was a poor decision after this set.




3x300 - Very awful


0x350 - Took the elevator to the basement.  Thankful for the Spud Inc. safety straps on my rack!


Pretty sure I was just really out of position when I tried 350, but using the axle for this instead of a barbell makes it much more difficult on the forearms and biceps because of the fatness so this was where I stopped today.  Also, no down sets.

Axle Sumo DL/Band Assist Home GHRs



2x{10x250/10xBW - mini band}

10x280/10xBW - mini band

I have not done sumo pulls in at least a couple years because the last couple times I tried to do them with even light weight it bothered the hell out of my left hip.  I am giving them another go, but if my hip gets grumpy I'm tossing them out.

Single Leg Hypers/Axle Calf Raises

2x{10ea x 10/20x250}

10ea x 10/---

I skipped the lat set of calf raises because deadlifting the axle to hold it with even that light of a weight was lighting my back up.  I had the low back pump from hell after finishing up and actually just went inside and lay on the floor under a ceiling fan, which is how my wife found me when she got home.