Mon, 3 Dec 18

Heavy Press

Finally shifting back into beast mode 24/7.  Or maybe just feel like I can switch my pressing back to the modified conjugate programming I've been using for the past year or so.  Of course, the annoying fact that I went a little too balls deep with my pressing in a fatigued state 2 days ago still has my left shoulder feeling sore, but I'm 99.97285% sure that's just a minor hiccup.  I also didn't do anything dumb like work up to failure my first heavy day back to pressing either.  Regardless though, this was still a positive training day.

Incline American Bar Bench Press (Low Incline)







1x250 - Max effort unracking because I didn't have the bench positioned correctly in relation to the rack.


1x260 - Starting to shift the bar to the right as I pressed up.

1x265 - Increased shifting so I stopped here.


The back off sets felt easier than usual which tells my I definitely could have kept going up if my technique hadn't gone to hell.

Strict Neutral Grip Pullups/Half-Kneeling Landmine Presses

7xBW/12ea x 45

7xBW/8ea x 70

2x{7xBW/8ea x 75}

Pullups are getting easier so I'll add more reps next week.  I'll also bump up my landmine weight next week since the only thing that bothers my shoulder is picking it up and putting it down.

Meadows Rows/Dips/ABC Hypers

20ea x 45/10x25/10x doubled micro

20ea x 25/10x45/10x doubled micro

Thanks to my shoulder already being a little sore, I had to lower the weight again today on Meadows Rows in order to do it pain free.  I also had to bag my last sets of assistance work and the possibility of conditioning because I was already past my deadline for ending training in order to shower and get to work.