Tues, 5 Oct 19

Block 3, Week 5, Day 1 - ME DL/SQ

No cleans, kind of crappy warmup, overall meh training.  My diet is half trash right now and it is showing in my training.  I need to get myself squared away and back into a normal routine.  Being gone all the time on the weekends is definitely not helping.  I don't know how people who travel all the time for work maintain any sense of normalcy.  One thing at a time.

Chain Deficit DL (1.5", 4 sets of chains, I think)

15x45 - No chains

5x135 - Add chains






1x495 - Video

1x445 - Was supposed to be 3x, but the first rep felt just as slow and terrible as 495 with same or worse technique so I stopped before I did something stupid because I wasn't feeling it today.

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SS Yoke Bar Reverse Lunges/Hypers/SL SSYB Calf Raises

8ea x 85/15xBW/15ea x 85

8ea x 115/15x35/15ea x 115

8ea x 115/15x35/40x115

I switched my last set of calf raises to double leg because my left ankle was feeling funky.  Did them explosively with a pause at the top and calves were on fire.

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