May 2018 Week 3 - Day 1: Deadlifts (485x6), OHP (165x8)

(Videos for some training sessions can be found on my Instagram page)

(You can read about my current competition plans here)

Day 2 - Deadlift, OHP, and Weight Vest Circuit

*Second day back from traveling - I think after a good day or two of getting back into routine I'll be all set. Traveling knocks my stress response out of whack more than physically-taxing things.

A. Deadlift: 485x6 (1+ rep day)

B. Strict Overhead Press: 165x8 (1+ rep day)

C. Circuit (wearing 20-lb weight vest):

1. Strict Overhead Press (115lbs) - 7 reps

2. Chin-Ups - 9 reps

3. Pushups - 15 reps

*repeated for 5 rounds

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