May 2018 Week 3 - Day 1: SSB Box Squats (10x2 w. 350lbs) & CG Floor Press (245x8)

(Some training videos can be found on my Instagram page)

(You can read about my current competition plans here)

Day 3 - SSB Box Squat in Briefs, Floor Press, and Assistance Work.

A. SSB Box Squats (close stance in briefs) - 10x2 w/ 350lbs & 1x2 w/ 370lbs.

*Starting to rotate these in between weeks of regular free squatting, physically to benefit my hip, and mentally for the change in movement.

B1. Close Grip Floor Press - sets of 8 up to 245lbs

B2. GHR - 4x10

C1. Seated Cable Rows - 3x12

C2. Dumbbell Bicep Curls - 3x10 each arm

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