A few days ago, my coach Matt Smith and I chatted on the phone about meet plans for the rest of this year. My original plan was to have a long offseason and then compete again this fall. The only problem is that with my plans of being in paramedic school, my extra time will be scarce. The clinical hours are demanding, especially on the weekends. So powerlifting might have to take a backseat this fall. With that being said, we decided that doing a meet this summer would be perfect. I have about 14 training weeks left so we have plenty of time to build some strength and make the necessary adjustments. The next two weeks are going to be focused on my conditioning. Matt wants my workouts to take no longer than an hour...90 minutes at the most. This is similar to what I've been doing the last month, however I know he will turn it up a few notches and really try to kick the shit out of me. For instance, my DE Lower body day is 16x2 of box squats in my briefs with 20 seconds rest in between sets. I'll be sure to have the garbage can near by along with my nebulizer. Here is what my ME day looked like (I kept the amount of workouts to a minimum since my next lower body day is only a day away.)

A. Good Mornings w/ Straight Bar from pins (I was supposed to do it with a cambered bar from suspended chains but this particular gym doesn't have either available.)
Lowered pins one hole.

B. Leg Press w/ 14 Plates Total (3:1 Tempo) 30 sec rest between sets
3x10 - I knew these were going to suck balls right after the first set. My quads were screaming by the end.

C1. Leg Extension
C2. Leg Curls
^Sooooo much blood after this SS. I just kept going back and forth between exercises to limit my rest times. I was also concentrating HARD on the squeeze at the top of the movement. I was hobbling around pretty good after those.

D1. Lat Pull Downs
D2. Cable Rows
^These were strictly for blood flow and contractions. I'll be doing light back work on lower body days and heavy back work on upper body days.

E. Leg Raises
^I'm not going to lie, I was kind of being a pussy with these. I'll be doing abs 4x a week as well. Need to step it up a notch and push myself at the end of workouts.

This was actually a great training session. I need some work on placement for the good mornings from pins so I don't half squat the weight as much but at the end of everything my t-shirt was completely soaked. Finished in about 55 mins.