Meet Week - Bench Deload

I recently lifted in the 2019 USPA National Championships where I totaled 1769 in wraps at 198 via a 655 squat, 451 bench and 661 deadlift. I'll be lifting at an APF meet in Chicago this December to wrap up the year.


1. Bench- 225 x 4 x 1

2. Incline Dumbbell Press- 50s x 3 x 10

3. SS Yoke JM Press - 95 x 3 x 8

4. Band Curls/Band Pressdown - 100 reps

Same as the previous session. Greasing the groove and using the session to help with the weight cut. So far, so good.

My mind is a little foggy and I really hate eating this way. I hate the higher fat content and lack of any carbs. It's not hard, but that doesn't mean I like it.

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