Meet Week - Deloading

I recently lifted in the 2019 USPA National Championships where I totaled 1769 in wraps at 198 via a 655 squat, 451 bench and 661 deadlift. I'll be lifting at an APF meet in Chicago this December to wrap up the year.

This session has a couple purposes.

1. "Grease the groove." Do everything perfectly, move everything fast.

2. Burn up some glycogen. An important step in the beginning of a weight cut. Start to deplete yourself some so when fluids get cut out the water drains off. Cutting carbs and a couple "depletion" sessions will go a long way even before water gets shut off.

3. Work out little kinks and stay moving.

Squat/Deadlift Training

1. Squat - Buffalo Bar, 225 x 4 x 2

2. Deadlift - 225 x 4 x 1

3. Goblet Squats - 50 x 3 x 5

4. TKE - Light band x 3 x 15

5. Planks - 40 secs x 4 sets

Body weight is steadily coming down and my cut is starting at a good spot. I did start lowering carbs a couple days earlier than I normally would, but that was a result of my Thanksgiving binge bloat. That weight needed to come off first. I feel really good and am in a good spot to get this done.

I like cutting weight. Not in a "I think this is fun" sort of way, but in a "this is really satisfying" kind of way. I like manipulating my body. Making my body do stuff on my terms is basically why I like powerlifting and dieting. Cutting weight is no different for me.

Every cut is different. I've had little cuts be super stubborn and big ones just slide right off. Its too early to say how this one will go, but I know that I am in a spot where even if it is hard, I can do it.

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